AQA A-level - Paper 2 - Psychology in Contex

Biological Psychology

AQA Specification: 

The divisions of the nervous system: central and peripheral (somatic and autonomic).


The structure and function of sensory, relay and motor neurons. The process of synaptic transmission, including reference to neurotransmitters, excitation and inhibition.


The function of the endocrine system: glands and hormones.


The fight or flight response including the role of adrenaline.


Localisation of function in the brain and hemispheric lateralisation: motor, somatosensory, visual, auditory and language centres; Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas, split brain research. Plasticity and functional recovery of the brain after trauma.


Ways of studying the brain: scanning techniques, including functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI); electroencephalogram (EEGs) and event-related potentials (ERPs); post-mortem examinations.


Biological rhythms: circadian, infradian and ultradian and the difference between these rhythms. The effect of endogenous pacemakers and exogenous zeitgebers on the sleep/wake cycle.

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01 Nervous System
02 Relex Arc
03 Synaptic Transmission
04 Endocrine system
05 Fight or flight
06 Location of function
07 Brain plasticity
08 Split brain
09 studying the brain
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