7.23 - Quantitative and Qualitative Data

  • Quantitative and qualitative data; the distinction between qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques.

7.24 - Primary and Secondary data

  • Primary and secondary data, including meta-analysis.


7.25 - Descriptive Statistics

  • Descriptive statistics: measures of central tendency – mean, median, mode; calculation of mean, median and mode; measures of dispersion; range and standard deviation; calculation of range; calculation of percentages; positive, negative and zero correlations.

7.26 - Graphs

  • Presentation and display of quantitative data: graphs, tables, scattergrams, bar charts, histograms.

7.27 - Distributions

  • Distributions: normal and skewed distributions; characteristics of normal and skewed distributions.

7.28 - Interpreting Correlation

  • Analysis and interpretation of correlation, including correlation coefficients.

7.29 - Levels of Measurement

  • Levels of measurement: nominal, ordinal and interval.


7.30 - Content Analysis

  • Content analysis and coding. Thematic analysis.

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