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I'm Nick and I am a Psychology teacher. My mission is to make high quality Psychology education available to the world.... for free!

I've already made over 130 videos that you can use with your classes if your a teacher, or yourself if your a student to get an A-level qualification in psychology. 

How you can support PsychBoost

Firstly if your a student you can share this website and YouTube channel with your teacher and classmates! This will help me grow over the years.

If your a teacher you can join the community, I have a forum for you to share your ideas and get support. Helping other teachers is why I started this. 

Helping keep the lights on 

It's important to me that the vast majority of what I do is available to any student or teacher no matter their bank balance  or background. So the core of what I do is staying free, 0% pressure to donate.

But of course all this costs money and a vast amount of time. Also long term plans to make what I do more engaging by taking on an animator and audio-visual support will take a community who believe in the project enough to put some money behind it. If you do, please consider helping out on Patron. Enough tiny donations will make a huge difference.

While it's important to me that what I do is available for everyone so I can help as many students as possible, I'm going to set aside some time each month to create extra resources as a thank you to students and teachers who give psych boost extra support on Patron. 

Thank you for your support! - Nick

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